UPDATE:Charles Foster Johnson extends his Blogger McCarthyism to me – Lord Chuckie responds and beclowns himself

As I wrote last night on here, I did watch the Oscars.  I happened to enjoy the show myself.  Maybe it is because the show holds such a historical role in America life.  I am a history buff, after all.  After the show, I did come back to the laptop, fired up the browser, and checked my vast amount of RSS feeds that I do monitor via iGoogle.  The first RSS feed that I happened to have there, was Charles Foster Johnson’s Blog, which is named little green footballs.  I should point out, that the only reason it was “first”, meaning the first one on the top left, is because it was last one I had added, in like a long while —- not because I really liked the man or anything silly.

Having said all of the above, I happen to come across this article by Robert Stacy McCain this morning and I figured that it would be a good set up for relaying a bit of news. It appears that Charles Foster Johnson has finally pointed his collectivist McCarthyism Blogger guns at me.  Last night, when I attempted to open Mr. Johnson’s Blog, I saw the following:

Charles Johnson McCarthyism Strikes

He even made darn sure I couldn't look at his blog. Hey Chucky, ever heard of Proxies?

Charles Foster Johnson, The Modern Day Joseph McCarthy - Collectivist Thought Control Twit!

The reason this whole amuses me so much, is the fact that I actually defended the man’s right to ban trolls from his blog. Oh, Yes, I know, I did criticize him for some of his more idiotic actions, like lying about Pamela Geller, and other such nonsense.  The way I see it, if you cannot handle criticism, you have no business being in this blogosphere at all.  In fact, Charles Johnson’s Blog was in my “Left Voices” Column Bloggroll for a good long while, which I did explain here. I even on one occasion did mention in a blog posting, that I thought e-mailing Charles Johnson and accusing him of Homosexuality was quite lame;  Although, I will confess to taking part in some of that jesting myself on other blogs. Way I see it; I have been accused of the same thing myself and I was simply passing on the jesting that I have received myself to someone else.  I also now see that Mr. Johnson is unable to take a joke.

Having written the above, I will simply say this.  It really does not matter.  In fact, Charles Foster Johnson does not even matter any longer.  Johnson’s relevance came into question, when he turned against Pamela Geller.  Charles Johnson’s Blog came into its own, after he exposed some rather lame yellow journalism by Dan Rather’s Producer on a story about President George W. Bush’s Military service.  Other than that, Charles Johnson’s only other news worthy item is his Blogging against Islamic Jihad.  This, quite honestly, is not nearly as pointed as it once was.  In fact, there have been blog postings, which have been flagged by other Jewish Bloggers as pointedly Anti-Jewish.  I do not go as far as to say Anti-Semitic, as that is a bit of an extreme charge. However, I believe Anti-Israel, and possibly Anti-Jewish is a fair charge.

The reason why this really makes me laugh is that I have criticized others before; Andrew Sullivan, Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com, Stacy McCain, Michelle Malkin, and many others; have they blocked me from viewing their Blogs?  No, they have not.  Because they know that, a Blog is public website and to through the trouble to ban someone from actually viewing a blog is the epitome of lame.  In fact, I even considered doing the same thing, because of the attacks of the trolls on this site.  However, I figured that doing that sort of thing was an overreach power on my part.  My Blog is a public site and I believe everyone should be able to read it — Even if the readers do not agree — this is their personal right.  I believe in diversity of opinion, unlike some liberals, like Mr. Johnson.

In conclusion, I consider this a badge of honor.  It comes with the territory.  It reflects more on Mr. Johnson than it does me.  I pity the man; he has become his own island.  For that, he has become a much poorer man.

Update: One of Chuckie’s many mindless followers asks:

Lord Chuckie Responds:

So, you see guys. It is all about control and dominance with this guy. Which is sure sign of Megalomania….or something.

Also, thanks to these guys for linking in, in the comments section. Glad to see that I am not the only person who has ran into this idiot’s lameness.

14 thoughts on “UPDATE:Charles Foster Johnson extends his Blogger McCarthyism to me – Lord Chuckie responds and beclowns himself

  1. Course he says you said this. Seems like you are a little more literate than that. But since you are banned, you can’t dispute it.
    Location: Up yer ass


    Charles Johnson is a fag.

    That is all.

    My glock calls his name…. :coolgrin:

    1. I hear ya. If that moronic twit thinks that I am a threat; then he’s a bigger idiot than I thought.


      What a fucking loser! :roll:

  2. I think the issue is the word “glock” — it’s also a brand of gun, and it might be considered to be a death threat.

    I know you’re well within your free speech rights to call him a fag and threaten to shoot him — I think everybody knows you were just joking. But I can also see his side.

    1. Meh, If he’s that uptight, he’s got no business being a blogger. You know how many times I HAVE been really, and I do mean really threatened on here?

      Let me count the ways…..

      That said, he’s an idiot and an island to himself.

  3. I think leaving the gun comment at the blogmocracy is kind of a crappy thing to do. You know, those LGF creeps have tried to shut the Blogmocracy down by complaining to the hosting company that we were threatening violence. Or something like that. Anyway, I just wanted to have my say. Otherwise, I am now going to check this site out, and read the “about me” section about you. lol

    1. Otherwise, I am now going to check this site out, and read the “about me” section about you. lol

      Woo Hoo! 😛 Welcome Aboard. 😀

  4. Pat,
    Comment on our site anytime.

    I just had to remove the glock comment becasue we once were shut down by one of Charles’ minions. We don’t want to give him ammo to shut us down again.

    We know you are joking, but the Jazz Guy’s groupies will not.

    1. Heh… Okay… No problem. 😀

      If he complained to the guy who gives me my hosting. He would laugh in his face. I can assure you of that.

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