Liberal Blogger who started Palin rumor outed

His name is Jesse Griffin and he is a teacher of children in Alaska. Even though he looks like quite the gay twink to me.

From his little Blog:

As many of you are already aware I DID receive a notification from Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein yesterday. It arrived in my e-mail in PDF form and you can read it over at the Alaska Report.

Now Van Flein is forcing me to make an admission that I have resisted addressing for the four plus years I have had this blog.

Yes I DO work in a Kindergarten class during the school year. My main job affords me some time during the day and I have chosen to use it teaching children to read, and helping them to become more independent. I do it because it brings me joy to work with these children and I believe, and have been told, that I am very good at it.

Hopefully that does not diminish me in the eyes of my visitors.

I NEVER discuss politics with my children and they have no idea, nor do most of the adult staff, that I am a blogger. Because to be honest that might diminish me in THEIR eyes.

So thanks to Van Flein you now know my dirty little secret. I am an assistant teacher in a room full of five year old children.

Understanding my love for my job and my desire to protect my children from a potentially frightening encounter, Van Flein threatened to serve my summons “at the kindergarten where you assist”. He did not say the “school where you work”, he specifically mentioned my classroom in order to frighten me into compliance. Why else would he have said that?

Hey, Karma’s a bitch; You use a blog to make up lies to bring hits to your blog; you pay the price. Something tells me, that this little douche nozzle is not going to have a job long in the Alaska school system. I just wonder how long it will be, before someone finds out where else he works and gets him fired from his normal job? Plus, if anyone has this idiot’s address and other information, send it along to me. I would be more than happy to post his address and a nice aerial shot of his house on this Blog here.

You know, I am just going to say it, because I think it just needs to be said. But before I do. No, this isn’t a personal threat. He is in Alaska and I am way over here in Michigan, so, you can rule me going to Alaska to hurt the guy. But I think this jerk off, like all liberals are just pure scum. This guy deserves nothing more than to be found dead in a parking lot somewhere with a bullet in his head. In his case, it would not be murder, but rather a mercy killing. It would be relieving the world of one less scum-ball idiot liberal.

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