Around the Sphere

I want to make this a weekly Sunday Feature. But I have been forgetting to do it.

Here is this weeks round up of what is happening in the Blogosphere and link to Blogs that I happen to enjoy reading.

  • From the Left or Center
  1. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen has a nice post up on Putting the Community Back In Policing
  2. The Independent Political Report has a posting up by Scott McLarty called Fire Departments and Health Care
  3. Helen Philpot has a very funny posting on Walter Cronkite
  4. Jeff Fecke has a thought provoking post up about Dr. Regina Benjamin being too fat…..or not. Of which I agree. Seeing I am fat too.
  5. Balloon Juice is always an interesting place to read. Even that Blog is kind of screwed up looking at the moment. Hey John, Fix your stuff man!
  6. Dean’s World has a weekend open thread with a Video that happens to be one of my favorite songs.
  7. The Confluence has an interesting posting up about Healthcare from a unique point of view
  8. A great home cooking post is up over at Papamoka Straight Talk
  9. Bruce Droppings is a new Blog to my Blogroll. Basically Bruce is a Former and I do mean; Former Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor turned Agnostic. Anyhow, he has a nice blog. He used a blog a few years ago, quit and came back. Here are two postings that I think you might enjoy. Fair warning: You head over there and try to tell him how wrong he is or anything silly like that. He will fire lightening bolts at you! Surprise Be Warned! Hee hee
  10. Brad Friedman has a interesting post up over Democrats arguing over who to go after in the Bush Administration. Rolling EyesLoser
  11. The Moderate Voice has an excellent article up on travel to the Moon! (To ‘Da Moon Alice! Hee heeWinkingBig Grin)
  12. Donklephant (what a weird name for a Blog! Tongue) has a posting up about politics and food.
  • From the Right
  1. Tom Rants is always an interesting Blog to read. Check it out.
  2. The American Princess is a Blogger Originally from the Detroit Area. She now lives in Washington D.C. She’s got a nice post up about Hillary Clinton.
  3. My Friend Tammi, who’s been working out in California got invited to someone’s house. Poor Gal… SurpriseWinkingLaughingRolling on the floorBig GrinHee hee
  4. Professor BainBridge has a couple cool videos up and, he’s a Hendrix fan! Surprise A Kindred Spirit! wOOt! DancingBut Seriously professor, this version here of “All Along the Watchtower” is so much better!
  5. South Puget Sound Libertarian gives his opinion on NASA and Hillary.
  6. Sister Toldja thinks David Brooks is a Liberal
  7. Rachel Lucas Lost her dog Sunny and her in the U.K. CryingMy God! That Poor Woman! CryingCryingYa’ll Pray for Rachel now, you hear?!?! Praying Go over and leave some kind words, will ya?
  8. Q & O has their weekly Podcast up.
  9. Darlene Click over at Protein Wisdom has a post about…. Dancing?
  10. and…. Finally Pat Austin over at And so it goes in Shreveport got a new Puppy! and Boooooy is it ever Cute!