New Information on the PA Shooting

First off, information on what has been said by the shooter, this gives more insight into this guys mental state:

Via The Philly Inquirer:

Richard Poplawski thought that Police Officer Stephen Mayhle was faking being dead as he lay in front of a home in the Stanton Heights section of the city on Saturday morning. So he shot the officer again “to make sure.”

He also shot Officer Paul Sciullo II a second time as he lay inside the house “just for the hell of it,” according to investigators.

In interviews with police, Poplawski, 22, showed no remorse when describing the deaths of Officers Mayhle, Sciullo and Eric Kelly, who were shot as they responded to a 911 call placed by Margaret Poplawski, the suspect’s mother.

Investigators said Richard Poplawski maintained a cold demeanor as he answered their questions, occasionally yawning.

He also said he thought he had killed as many as five police officers, including Timothy McManaway, who was hit on the hand by a bullet or shrapnel while trying to rescue Kelly.

“Yeah, I thought he was dead,” Poplawski told police.

Another officer, Brian Jones, broke a leg while scaling a fence behind the house.

Poplawski engaged in a lengthy gun battle with police, firing an AK-47 from his bedroom window and exchanging hundreds of rounds of gunfire with SWAT officers before surrendering.

Poplawski, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was hit multiple times in the leg during the four-hour standoff, and he called friends and told them he was going to die.

The gunman later told investigators he had planned for police to kill him. But he changed his mind and agreed to surrender, hoping to go to prison so he could write a book.

I’ve wrote about this before, so search for the guys name and look for it. But this here tells me, that this guy is nothing more than a cold-blooded killer. He ought to spend the rest of his life in jail. Something else that bothers me:

Via AP:

The mother of a man charged with killing three Pittsburgh police officers told a 911 dispatcher he had weapons, but the dispatcher didn’t relay that information to officers, the official in charge of county dispatchers says.

The dispatcher should have asked more questions about the weapons, but didn’t, and certainly should have told officers so they could take necessary precautions, Allegheny County Chief of Emergency Services Robert Full told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“There is no excuse. It could have been handled better, without a doubt,” Full said in Tuesday’s editions.

Richard Poplawski’s mother, Margaret, had dialed 911 Saturday morning to summon police after threatening to evict him


9/11 Transcript:

In a recording of the call that county officials played for the newspaper, Margaret Poplawski sounded impatient as she called 911 at about 7 a.m. and asked for police to come take her son out of the house.

“Are you moving or what? Or the police gotta come?” she asks.

“Does he have any weapons or anything?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yes,” the mother said. After a long pause, she added, “They’re all legal.”

“OK, but he’s not threatening you with anything?” the dispatcher said.

Without answering, Margaret Poplawski mother said, “Look, I’m just waking up from a sleep. I want him gone.”

“OK, we’ll send ’em over, OK?” the dispatcher said.

“Sounds good,” the mother said, as the call ends.

Police union president James Malloy said officers would have responded differently had they known Poplawski had weapons.

“You approach the house with a different attitude. You approach the house from a distance,” said Malloy, a retired police sergeant. “You park your car a distance from the house so you can hit the dirt.”

Obviously, there was a direct case here of negligence by the 911 operator. This message should have been directly relayed to the police on scene, but it was it, and now three police officers are now dead. Of course, the Liberal Blogs or the Liberal MSM won’t touch this aspect of the story, because they are too busy blaming the Conservative media for the shooting itself. When in all honesty, it would have avoided, had someone done their job properly.