Quote of the Day Part 1

Wow! šŸ˜®

Holder was eight years old half a century ago. The desegregation of schools had barely begun. The “dream” of Martin Luther King, Jr. was still ringing in the people’s ears and he had only recently been murdered. Black men and women did not figure in our national politics. Black teenagers did not then reasonably aspire to do well at school -the odds were against them–or hope to graduate, as Holder did, from Columbia University (as Barack Obama also did) and from the Columbia Law School. There were no black generals or managing partners of law firms or presidents of the best institutions of higher learning or CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and not many black people at all in the solid middle class. And almost none in the upper middle class. How many blacks were actually rich or even super-rich? No, America is not racial paradise. But it is more integrated, much more integrated than Great Britain and France which used to disdain our bigoted traditions and habits. No longer, believe me, no longer.

Kudos to the person that had the guts to say this in public! šŸ˜€

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23 thoughts on “Quote of the Day Part 1

  1. N.B. “[H]alf a century”=fifty years, not forty-one.

    Yeh, I can remember laying in a hospital bed watching that “dream” speech shortly after it was given… in 1963, not quite forty-six years ago, not fifty. Fifty years ago, MLK, Jr., was alive and well. (King was murdered in April of 1968, not quite yet forty-one years ago).

    The thoughts behind the piece are spot on, but innumeracy is one of the chief stones that anarcho-tyrannists, statists and Mass Media Podpeople count on in decieving American sheeple, and I can’t let nearly a whole decade’s difference go uncommented. šŸ™‚

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