UPDATED: Speaking of Racism: Democrats show thier true colors

As you know, Herman Cain, who is a very successful businessman and also a black Conservative, won the straw poll in Florida.  As you also know, I just pointed out some serious racism by the left. Well, the democrats are not disappointing; check out some of the racist or “So damned close to being racist without sounding racist” as you can get.

All of these postings are actual blog postings by liberal blogs about Herman Cain and the night is young:

“Update: And it’s official. Pizza King Cain wins the straw poll. By a lot” — The Impolitic “Another day in the clown car – Update”

I have also heard Herman Cain referred to as Herman “Greasy Pizza” Cain too; which is just another way of calling him a greasy n-word. I mean, why not just say that?

Apparently, the Republicans are doing one of these stupid Straw Polls in Floridatoday. The problem is, the base hates all the candidates, which makes picking someone in the Straw Poll a bit of a challenge. Byron York speculates that Herman Cain might do better than expected because no one feels like voting for Rick Perry after he called them heartless. This makes sense to me because the most obvious to do if someone calls you out on your heartless hatred of Latinos is to vote for the black guy. ‘See? I’m not a racist who thinks minorities are biting into too much of my paycheck. I’m color blind.’

Can you feel the Cainmentum?  — Booman Tribune

Can you feel the racism?

Florida straw poll voters decided they hate everyone and voted for the only candidate who’s never held public office, Herman Cain. — Crooks and Liars

So what if Herman Cain has never held public office? Why is that a problem to Democrats? I mean, Barack Obama’s time in office was not that great. Why is this an issue? Because Herman Cain is a black Conservative. That my friends is classic Democratic Party racism.

and finally:

I’d say that Republicans couldn’t be crazy enough to nominate Herman Cain … but then again, they also nominated Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Ken Buck, and, yes, Sarah Palin.

So, why would not the Republicans be crazy to nominate Herman Cain? Because he is black and a Conservative? Racism much John Amato? Just saying... :roll:

….and the night is young. If I spot anymore racism, I will post it here.

Update: Wow… Push out a post and find more of it:

Yes, running a chain of pizza parlors is just like running a country. Just yell, and the employees will scamper around and bring those cheese suppliers to heel.


In a field that might be called Mittens and the Seven Clowns, the base definitely prefers the clowns.The Mahablog

A Black Conservative being called “a clown” by a Democrat, that sounds about right. Unreal. :roll:

Update #2: Stupid is, as stupid does.


8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Speaking of Racism: Democrats show thier true colors

  1. Throughout this primary season Cain is the only candidate I’ve liked. I’m really glad to see he’s surging and I hope it continues. I really hope he’s the nominee. The fact that he’s never held public office is a plus in my book. He knows business and that’s what we need right now.
    btw, I’m a white man in Mississippi who is old enough to remember segregation.

    • Hey Steve,

      I hear ya man. I hope like the Devil he gets the nomination. I was earlier a bit worried about Cain’s foreign policy experience. But I think if he surrounded himself with the right leaders that he would be okay.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. I wish you guys would not use the N word or other racial epithets, even to quote what you think someone else is thinking. It’s like a class of obsenities. Frankly, when people talk like that, it tells me more about the speaker than about the people being talked about.

    As for how I feel about Herman Cain. I could like having him for a president and voting for him. He’s Christian, pro-life from conception to natural death, and he’s pro-Israel. Those are the important points. I also like Michele Bachman for the same reasons.

    • I wish you guys would not use the N word or other racial epithets, even to quote what you think someone else is thinking. It’s like a class of obsenities. Frankly, when people talk like that, it tells me more about the speaker than about the people being talked about.

      Alright, fair point. I changed it. I also apologize to any I offended. I did kinda get caught up in the emotions a bit. I was a bit pissed at what I saw.

      Thanks for the comment…

  3. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeezzze…. let Cain get the nomination. At least let him be the ‘front-runner’ for a couple of months. Let him stand up and speak so the nation can hear him plainly.

    And then watch his numbers tank into the slime he came from.

    Let the squealing begin.

    • And Herman Cain is “slime” because…..

      He grew up with working class parents instead of going to prep school?

      He worked his way through the business world and was incredibly successful?

      He just gave a speech thanking his team and voters and the American people for supporting him after the Florida straw vote – instead of saying “I, I, I” throughout his speech, like he was the center of the universe?

      I’m so curious as to why you think Cain “came from slime”?

      I also wonder what the leftie line about how Republicans and Tea Partiers are so racist, now that Cain handily won a vote over all other candidates.

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