Memo to Ann Althouse: Cut the crap!

I once blasted another Conservative broad for using her sex status as a card for victim-hood and I guess I will have to do it again.

It appears that Ann Althouse stuck a camera in someone’s face and got the crap kicked out of her; and now she’s playing the victim card.

I’m with this guy, you stick a camera in someone’s face, and you get your tail kicked, don’t come crying to your blog and expect me to feel sorry for you, okay? Because I am not going to; in fact, I am going to laugh at your dumb ass! 😆

On a more serious note: Ann, you should be glad someone did not stick a Glock or something worse in your face. What you got to understand Ann is this; not every Democratic Party member or socialist, is anti-gun, some of them are very pro first amendment and one of these days, you are going to do something stupid — you know like this? and you are going to find yourself on the business end of someone’s firearm. I hate to be the one to say it, but it is true.

….and in this silly shrieking harpy’s case — the sooner the damned better, if you ask me.

The truth is, Ann Althouse is an elitist twit. She always has been and always will be in my eyes. She is, as far as I am concerned — a Charles Foster Johnson with female sex organs — Claims to be a Conservative and voted for Obama.  I do not like her; and do not, unless I have to, link to her at all.

One of my biggest gripes with Ann Outhouse is that she does not like to challenged, when she is, she goes into freakout mode and threatens to sue people.  Perfect example? Here.