Answering the accusation of racism


This is a picture of my Cousin; Michael Landon Hill’s grave site.

Michael Hill was shot and killed by two black Detroit police officers. The details surrounding this murder; I will not get into, out of respect of his mother and my family on my Dad’s side of the family — the awful details of his murder.

However, I will tell you this; these two officers did let my cousin lay and bleed to death for over an hour. Further more, the only thing my cousin was even carrying; was a beer bottle.

Now only this, but the black owned and controlled Detroit city Government, attempted to cover up the facts surrounding this case. Further more, the liberal controlled and funded media simply took the city of Detroit’s word for what happened and never bothered to find out what really happened.

So, when I see people like Ed Brayton calling me a “Racist,” it falls a little flat with me.

If me having a problem with corruption in the black owned and controlled city of Detroit; makes me a “racist” then, so be it, I will wear that title proudly. If being a bit pissed off, at the two black cops that blew my cousin away in cold blood and then allowing him to die, by bleeding to death on a hot July summer night, is considered racist; then yeah, I am a racist.

If feeling the need to stand up and protest the culture of black entitlement, which is promoted by the Democratic Party, which fosters corruption and causes people like my cousin to die — then, yes, by all means call me a damned racist.

If wanting to protest the crimes committed by blacks and other minorities against my people, makes me a racist; then yes, you can call me racist.

You see that is the narrative of the damn liberal left in this Country; blacks can say and do anything against white people. But you let a white man, even look crossed-eyed at a black man, then it is racist! That my friends is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Further more, this reason; among a great deal of other reasons —  is why I changed sides politically; because I knew what and whom killed my cousin; a culture of corruption in Detroit and a sense that blacks should be allowed to do what they damned well please, because of the history of this Country. Further more, that culture was on full display during the 2007 elections; which is when I switched sides. One of the first things I thought about, was my late cousin, that is when all of the pieces that are what is wrong with the Democratic Party of the 21 century fell into place.

So, to you Mr. Brayton; I have two words — screw you, on the behalf of myself and my white family — including Michael’s parents.

Also, let me also say this; as much I detest what I wrote of above, I also detest the racially charged nonsense like what went down over at Fox News. Both are wrong equally.

The problem, in case you don’t follow my line of thought here; is not racism. It is the culture of progressivism that I am on the hunt against —- not blacks themselves.

I am also against the progressive black mentality that any and all violence against white people is justifed, because of what whites did years ago.

That has been the stated mission of this blog all along; the battle for the soul of America, against those on the progressive left, who want to rewrite history and shape America into what they want it to be.

Doing anything less than this; would be allowing Michael Hill to die in vain.

Update: Considering Ed Brayton’s last comment over at his blog posting; I have nothing more to say about him. It’s obvious to me, that Brayton is an apologist for progressives and black on white crime and a race-baiting fool.  So, as far as I concerned, I am finished with him and his silliness. I have not forgotten his slam against my dead cousin; and I will keep that slam in mind for the future. What I am saying? Nothing at all. Just that I won’t be in this personal position forever. He knows that I cannot do anything, now; but who knows what the future may hold for me. One cannot make statements like his, without repercussions. As they say, “What goes around, comes around…” and Ed just made the first chess move.