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The Seattle Police shootings, The Blog and Me

The Seattle Police shootings, The Blog and Me published on

I am sure some of you coming here from various blogs and so forth are looking for the two postings that I made regarding the four law enforcement officers shot in Seattle. Well, here is what happened; I pulled the damned things. The reason for this is that I did write that I was dialing back the tone of this blog a bit. The first post in question was written before I had come to my decision. I never really thought that anyone would even pay attention to that posting at all. However, it seems that someone from the liberal left found the postings. Therefore, I figured that I would put that fire out, before it turned into an inferno.

I still have my opinions about what happened up in Seattle; the liberal left has not outlawed personal opinions and freedom of thought —- yet. Nevertheless, I feel that in the best interest of this blog and to generally to just keep the damned peace, that I would pull the postings in question. Sometimes being right; whether personally, politically, or, yes, even intellectually is not always the most popular — is something that I am finding out more and more every day. It should not be assumed that I am caving to the fascist left and their desire to control what I print on this blog; but rather a staving off, of the utter madness that follows the bastard socialists and their desire to control freedom of speech that does not fit their mold of what is acceptable.

I wrote this before, but I feel the need to repeat it. I want this blog to be a little less Michael Savage sounding and a little more Bill O’Reilly sounding. Perhaps a bit less like Sean Hannity and a bit more like William F. Buckley. I realize that the second one is a bit far fetched for a wee mortal as I. But conversely, If I really apply myself at this writing nonsense, I have been know to pull some rather brilliantly written and pretty high society sounding print out of my rather large derriere. Yes, I know; that last one was rather base, but the point was communicated effectively — I hope.

I am not sure if I can pull off English top hat and tails with my writings. However, I will damned sure try. Wish me luck.

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